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Welcome to my path,
I'm Allie

Let me start by saying thank you for supporting my journey and listening to Young Adult: Path to Progress. I started the podcast in 2020 when I was 24 and confused by literally everything my 20s had been. During COVID, I did a lot of soul searching and came to peace with the confusion I was feeling and recognized the beauty in it. Young Adult became my way of connecting with other young adults and helping them come to the same peace I had. My mission is to help all of my listeners feel less alone in the trials and tribulations that life presents and to help everyone see that they are on the exact path they are meant to be on. I hope that by listening to the conversations I have with people on YA,  everyone feels inspired and heard. 

This podcast has become a place of connection building, free therapy and joy for me and I feel so lucky to share that with all of you.

I hope you feel it too.

Xx - Allie

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